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"Cultivating Health and Vitality Through Microgreens"

Our Products / Services

At Enriched Being, we are passionate about supplying our customers with fresh, nutritious and healthy microgreens and powders. Our microgreens are lovingly grown here in Perthshire and are sure to provide you with the essential nutrients you need to stay healthy and energised. We also have a qualified nutrition coach on hand to provide you with personalised advice. Get in touch today and discover a healthier you.

Fresh Microgreens

Grown to order, fresh microgreens offer the gold standard of nutrtional benefit.  Available in Perthshire

Microgreens Nutritional Powders

Grown to order microgreens created into nutritional powders. Human and Pet Friendly options  Nationwide delivery.

Nutrition Coaching

Looking for some nutritional support, let us help you!

Email us for further details:

What We’re All About

At Enriched Being Microgreens, we’re all about giving your body the good stuff it deserves with our microgreens.


Think of us as your go-to for a health kick that’s not only packed with flavour but also loaded with vitamins and minerals.


We’re on a mission to help you make smart choices for your well-being. Just a pinch of our greens can make a world of difference to your diet.


Plus, we’re big fans of supporting local spots like cafes and restaurants that are all about fresh, local produce and doing right by the planet. So, whether you’re deep into the health scene or just dipping your toes in, we’re here to cheer you on.


Let’s get those tiny greens into your meals and watch the magic happen for your health! 🌱


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Rachel Allmand

I just had my first batch of microgreens from Enriched Being and they’re so tasty! Perfectly fresh and so delicious.

Theresa Edwards

Loved my Microgreens - small but mighty flavoursome!

Fiona van Aswegen

The different flavours are so pronounced, and the fresh crunchiness was amazing! 
Healthy Woman


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